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278450 Erik Levin 2024‑05‑19 Re: More scrapers
Mike asked:

>Speaking of 'lead dust', does anyone have a source, domestic or foreign 
>for white or red lead.  It used to come from a paint factory here in 
>Madison, WI.  We used it for machine packing and sealing, it was the 
>best.  I have used almost all of my last ten pound can.

Might I ask why you are looking? I can't think of an application where red lead
and white lead are interchangable...

Neither is terribly difficult to make from lead metal, but neither is safe to
make or handle. Mishandling either uncompounded is a fast route to lead
poisoning without proper PPE and training. 

Last I checked (not too many years ago) both are available from chemical houses
in any quantity you want. Artist pigment houses also sell both in small
quantities (figure 100g/4oz increments, or so) or large, at art supply prices,
for artists that use raw pigments.

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