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277983 gary allan may 2023‑11‑25 Re: cutting out for a drawer
Hi Dennis!

 re: the 'azebiki'....Who wouldn't be sorely temted by the 'need' for this
wonderful tool? But surely the cock beading really will eliminate any worries
about the size of the kerf. You must have a veneer saw, fret saw, flooring saw
or rabbet saw that'll work perfectly well. Nothing will save you, though, if you
splinter the face so be emphatic with your scoring of layout lines. And all the
               gam in OlyWA, thankful for this quiet day

"If you were Einstein's father, we wouldn't have the bomb." Peggy Hill

    On Friday, November 24, 2023 at 05:07:29 PM PST, Phil Schempf
 I've wondered about using an azebiki style saw for this application.  They
have a narrow kerf and start a cut in the middle of a panel.  They can be
had for a reasonable price -

As the Schmid ad copy states -
"if you have a drawer front to cut from a board with the grain matching the
sides,.....The Azebiki is the solution."

I have no practical experience with one, but would try it if I had the need.


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