Lennier checks out the snow free deck
tue, 30-mar-2021, 15:23

Hardpack removed from the road
tue, 30-mar-2021, 07:38

Packraft seat and backrest
sun, 14-mar-2021, 17:12

Packraft seat baffles
sun, 07-mar-2021, 17:12

Sourdough whole wheat
mon, 01-mar-2021, 11:37

Pair of moose eating birdseed
sun, 28-feb-2021, 09:46

Post run
fri, 19-feb-2021, 15:24

Lennier and Monte share the crate
sat, 06-feb-2021, 09:46

Behind the Peat Ponds
sun, 17-jan-2021, 13:13