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278619 Esther <galoot@e...> 2024‑07‑04 Galoots at Pennsic
Gentle galoots and good gentles!

In three weeks from tomorrow I will be heading to Pennsic (part of 
opening setup) in Butler county PA (www.pennsicwar.org)  For those who 
are newer hearabouts, this is a two weeks camping in pre-1600 clothes 
medieval recreation event, and one of the things that some of us 
recreate is woodworking, as in strict galooting is totally period.

I am pleased to announce that not only I, but Darrel LaRue and also 
galoot SWMBO Kathy (and adult kidz), Ken Wright, my friend from church 
Sigrithr who built the chest we bragged on last year, and new for the 
first time elfwrangler John Leyden will all be camping with the 
industrious barony of Thescorre on N08 on Chandler, the main drag uphill 
to the parking lot.  Any other galoots present are welcome to drop by 
and say hi.

Traditionally Monday is baronial court and Tuesday is kingdom court, but 
Monday afternoon Ken and I will be trying the experiment; can we teach 4 
students in three hours how to make the parts for a camp seat in the 
form of a 6 board chest, and then assemble the parts?  Wednesday 
afternoon will be open shop for all curious visitors, come and go as you 
please.  Darrell will be particularly busy since he will be involved in 
a thrown weapons (anything pointy) tournament and he also has been asked 
to compete in the Arts and Sciences War Point (competing sides put up 
their best artisans, counts the same as a battle).

If you are on site, come on by!

ska THL Otelia d'Alsace

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