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278614 gary allan may 2024‑07‑01 Re: Stanley maroon?
Honestly John Ruth;

No one has looked in to restoring Stanley 'Cordovan' to its correct color and
gloss on account of
it would be  SO wrong to re-finish the cordovan jobbies to original spec.
I'm pretty sure we're going with emerald green metallick and 
racoon tails, with LEDs on the toes and tails. 

     and yes, I'm ducking and yes, I'm running.
                 gam in OlyWA/USA

How horrible it is to have so many people killed!---And what a blessing one
cares for none of them! 
Jane Austen 

    On Monday, July 1, 2024 at 01:36:47 PM PDT, John Ruth 

The Liberty Paint Co has been a long time supplier of genuine Japanning.
 They've taken the uncertainty out of hazmat charges for continental USA
shipping by setting a fixed price which includes shipping.

Pontypool Japanning Asphaltum Paint (
http://www.libertyonthehudson.com/pontypool.html )
libertyonthehudson.com ( http://www.libertyonthehudson.com/pontypool.html )
( http://www.libertyonthehudson.com/pontypool.html )

( http://www.libertyonthehudson.com/pontypool.html )

My question about the Cordovan-colored Stanley planes is:

"Is the Cordovan color a _true_ "japanning", or is it just a paint ?"

I've found truth in the Porch wisdom that black Krylon spray paint is almost
indistinguishable from true Stanley black japanning.

Is there an established way to refinish the Cordovan planes in a correct color
and gloss?

John Ruth
Metuchen NJ
Recalling, in awe, some of the photos of Scott G.'s fabulous "candy apple" paint
applications.  The man can make the most humble Stanley cast aluminum utility
knife into a work of art!

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