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278611 Kirk Eppler 2024‑07‑01 Re: is this a sign?
Not being so rude as to call someone out for having tools he does not
recognize, recall getting, or knowing where they go (Hi Pot, I'm  Kettle),
I am far more inclined to wonder where they go. Since I have not seen pix
or a description of  the geometry, let's go off in the weeds.

On Sat, Jun 29, 2024 at 4:09 PM Don Schwartz  wrote:

> Today I came across a couple of plane irons for which I have no idea as to
> their origin, and can't find plane bodies to fit them. One is a Steiner &
> Sohne skewed and tapered iron 55mm wide

This could have come from a skewed rabbet type plane, masquerading as a
badger plane.

 At 55mm wide, it would be wider than my widest wooden rabbet at 2".  (Note
subtle Alameda Flea reference here?)

Or it could have come from something like my wooden shooting board plane,
seen here.  At 55mm,it's only a bit smaller than mine.  You could easily
build a plane around that blade. (I'm so generous with other people's time)

And a bit off in right field, here is a Leon Robbins smoother with a big
fat skew blade, that I found separate laying on a table (again at Alameda)
and I was going to grab it, when I saw the plane a foot away, with no blade
and no wedge.  Guy let it go cheap.  Both of these came from Alameda, 2017
& 2023. Not subtle this time.

, the other a 1-9/16 Henry Boker iron which looks like it might have come
> from a wedged block
> plane.

Again, single or double iron not withstanding, at 1-1/2" +, it fits in the
small end of my bench planes, like this horned smoother with only  a 1-1/8"
wide blade (Alameda again)

The horned scrub here has a 1-1/4" blade (same pic as above, from a Flea in
Petersplatz Basel

Somewhere I have a 7/8" wide compass coffin plane, then others starting at
1 7/8 inch blades, so would not surprise me if there were sizes in between,
no pics handy, since I bought it off GAry Roberts

> So the question - apart from where did  they come from? and where do they
> go?

See above, hope these clues give you some places to look at in your
existing inventory, or planes to go buy in the future, hoping the blades

- is whether this is a sign I have too many tools in the cave?

Horrors no

Not exactly too many tools, which makes no sense, but too many tools for my
> aging brain to keep track of, even with the help of tailed remembering and
> calculating and doing-all-manner-of-things machines, of
> which I may well have too many. Please advise.
> I use my picture index, linked above, and a google sheet with many tabs,
that I can access from home, work and my phone, as a way to help keep
track.  And the g sheet has a tab for spare blades, cuz I grab them
whenever I see strays about

Kettle, in Half Moon Bay, CA, who is almost done getting my Record 04 1/2
into fine working shape, the blade and chip breaker still need a bit of
rust removal, the blade is almost sharp.

Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, CA 

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