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278440 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2024‑05‑18 Re: Cooper's Bung Borer
Ah - you haven’t accounted for the excise seals.    Her/His Majesty’s customer
and Excise officers have thought of the possibility of using the opening’s

Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to steal whisky without leaving a
trace.  Or, of course, being found and dead with.  Seriously, as you are
stealing tax money the King wants for himself.

:- ) 
Richard Wilson
yorkshireman Galoot in Northumbria

> On 18 May 2024, at 12:56, Michael Blair  wrote:
> Driving down one of the hoops?  'Spect you would get beer oozing out. 
> Etc.  Far more work than necessary.  Just pop out the bung (just a
> hammer blow above or below the bung hole), draw off your few drams, and
> knock the bung back in place.  Deed done. 
> Mike in Woodland
> On 2024-05-18 02:29, Richard Wilson wrote:
>> In the days of transport by train for finished goods leaving the bonded store
a competent cooper could be employed to while away time between unscheduled
stops at signals by driving down one of the hoops, drilling the stave below the
hoop line, drawing off a few drams, and hiding his work with a tapered dowel, a
few blows on the driver and replacing the hoop.  A smear of muck and the theft
is invisible.

Yorkshireman Galoot
in the most northerly county, farther north even than Yorkshire
IT #300

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