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278438 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2024‑05‑18 Re: Cooper's Bung Borer
As Gary has introduced more about barrel tapping…
>   I've I had not heard of kegs and barrels arriving already tapped,
>                          enquiring minds *still* want to know----gam in OlyWA

As has been mentioned, lucky ex-bourbon barrels enjoy a second life in Scotland,
where there was, and maybe still is, a flourishing industry in avoiding punitive
excise duty.  In the days of transport by train for finished goods leaving the
bonded store a competent cooper could be employed to while away time between
unscheduled stops at signals by driving down one of the hoops, drilling the
stave below the hoop line, drawing off a few drams, and hiding his work with a
tapered dowel, a few blows on the driver and replacing the hoop.  A smear of
muck and the theft is invisible.

- Just one of those little intriguing sidelines on skills that is unlikely to be
of practical application for me.  Despite a new distillery having started up in
nearby Wooler.

Incidentally - I found a full set of coopers tools for sale whilst rummaging
around as a result of this thread.




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