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278428 Michael Blair <branson2@s...> 2024‑05‑14 Re: Cooper's Bung Borer
In the coopering research I've done since 2014 this is the first time
I've seen anything called a "bung or tap auger."  Either it's for boring
a bung hole for filling a cask, bored into the strongest stave, or it's
a tap auger for boring a tapered hole in the head of a cask for setting
a tap.  These, classically, are two separate tools, and so regarded.  

So from my perspective (a solid mid 19th Century perspective) Swan is
advertising a cooper-esque "multi tool."  It's kinda bizarre, since the
cooper builds the cask and bores the bung hole, the vintner fills the
cask with wine, and the bar man drills the head and installs the tap. 

When you get right down to it, the tap auger isn't really a cooper's

The Swan catalog here dates from 1904.  This style of taper auger is too
recent for my use -- interpreting mid 19th Century coopering (and
general wood work). 

Mike in Woodland

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