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278426 Tony Seo 2024‑05‑14 Re: Cooper's Bung Borer
On 5/14/2024 8:21 AM, John Ruth wrote:
>>> http://oldetoolshop.com/forsale/april/cooperstool0401a.jpg
>> That is a Cooper's Bung Borer, used to make a tapered hole mid-point in a
barrel stave.

I'm not sure what all the confusion is about, but that is a bung auger. 
This is a James Swan, but they were made by others, and in a variety of
sizes.  This style is late 19th Century and was made well into the 20th
Century.  Prior ones were hand forged.  There are also a couple or 4
patented adjustable ones out there.

This is a bung or tap.  They come in number of sizes as well, this is on
the smaller side.  Some of the later ones had metal spigots.


This is a bung mallet.  Used both for knocking the plug in the top of
the barrel and later the bung.  Note the thin whip like handle.


Years back I had a signed one from a brewery down in Allentown PA, but I
can't find the pictures of it.

> This is a "Cook's Patent" auger, which IIRC is also called a "Gedge" bit.
> This design is good for a Bung Auger, because it would _tend_ to prevent chips
escaping into the barrel or keg: One advantage of Cook's Patent is that only the
auger lead screw goes deeper than the body of the hole.
> Cook's bits never caught on because they are diabolically difficult to sharpen
correctly.  The concavely-curved inner edges of the lips must be brought to
razor sharpness.  Ask yourself how you would do this!
> Hence,they are fairly rare in the world of OLDTOOLS.

I've had a few come through with the patent mark on them.

Tony (still trying to get enough coffee in me to kickstart the day)

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