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278424 John Ruth <johnrruth77@g...> 2024‑05‑14 Cooper's Bung Borer

>> http://oldetoolshop.com/forsale/april/cooperstool0401a.jpg
> That is a Cooper's Bung Borer, used to make a tapered hole mid-point in a
barrel stave.

Just noticed a subtly in the photo.

Look at the "business end" of the auger. Note the graceful backward-curving lips
to sever the grain.

This is a "Cook's Patent" auger, which IIRC is also called a "Gedge" bit.

This design is good for a Bung Auger, because it would _tend_ to prevent chips
escaping into the barrel or keg: One advantage of Cook's Patent is that only the
auger lead screw goes deeper than the body of the hole.

Cook's bits never caught on because they are diabolically difficult to sharpen
correctly.  The concavely-curved inner edges of the lips must be brought to
razor sharpness.  Ask yourself how you would do this!

Hence,they are fairly rare in the world of OLDTOOLS.

John Ruth

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