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276909 Erik Levin 2023‑01‑16 Re: Replacement Steel Tip for Dietzgen Brass Plumb Bob
John asked:

> Any known sources for a replacement steel tip for a brass plumb bob marked
"Dietzgen 10"

I have no idea where an original will be found. A quick look through the old
catalogs shows that they were available (part 5713P, in the 1921 catalog, state
which model it needs to fit) If making a replacement, I would suggest 1215 free
machining steel and copper antisieze on reassembly.

As to metric vs imperial threads: I have no idea. I have Dietzgen tools with
both. Can you check the threads at the string retainer? If they are imperial, I
would suspect the tip is, as well. The only similar one I have has 1/16-27 pipe
taper threads at the tip, but I don't think it is a Dietzgen. It as it has seen
the world and then some, so it is WELL worn with manufacture lost to a century
or more of handling. (came from my grandfather with his drafting gear)

To get the tip off my not-a-Dietzgen, I grabbed the tip in a vise and turned the
body by hand. To get the tip off if that doesn't do it, I might file a couple
small flats for better grip. If needed, cross drill for a tommy bar, apply heat
and penetrating oil alternately, and light taps at the tip with a soft hammer to
break up corrosion.

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