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275619 Tony Seo 2022‑05‑20 Jacktown Blue Mountain PA Spring April 2022 Flea Market
Today was the unofficial start for the spring flea market weekend at
Jacktown. The weather was 52 F when I got there, but the heat and
humidity started to climb pretty fast.

The day was sunny to start with, but the vendors were few and far between.


Somebody asked if there were any hit and miss engines around. Well there
were a few.


Then the clouds moved in and the humidity went up.


Pickings were pretty much confined to one guy, but he was the one of the
reasons that I go there early.  I snagged a Stanley No. 51 spoke shave,
a chairmaker's spoke pointer, a Union spoke shave, a sweet Greaves
wooden spoke shave, a pair of long Buck Bros gouges that will need some
work, a Stanley No. 91 mortising gage, and a C S Osborne circle cutter.


There is a Stanley SW No. 80 cabinet scraper, a Stanley No. 12 3/4
scraper plane body with some issues, a pack of blades, including a
toothing plane iron, and a hand forged and signed adze head.


Not a super big pile overall, but it's a good start.

Tony (thinking about how much mud will be there tomorrow after the
massive thunderstorm that just went through here...)

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