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275613 Frank Filippone <bmwred735i@g...> 2022‑05‑19 Re: Wood ID help needed
Opening up this discussion, there are two different issues with "matching":  One
is color.  the other is grain, both pattern and pore structure.

In my thoughts, matching the color will be relatively easy using dyes, glazes,
and other topical applications.  But matching the grain will be a more difficult
task.  Getting the right species helps, ditto cutting orientation ( quarter
sawn, flat sawn, etc).  But just like in making a new piece of furniture,
getting a "match" for two pieces of lumber, even from the same tree, and the
next plank over in the flitch, is a real challenge......

And why dyes, glazes, and other topical applications as well as Lacquer were
invented and used extensively..... or PAINT for that matter!

This is made more difficult in a non-thick film finish, like BLO/Danish Oil as
opposed to varnish or best, Lacquer......  The film acts like to hide the pore
differences.....fill the grain or not allows for some hiding or contrasting!,
but is imperfect still.

Sometimes you just need to buy into the belief that you can only do what you can
do.... it will never be"perfect".

If this were an original Townsend Highboy, needing repair and replacement of a
section, worth several times several million dollars, there is an unholy amount
of labor, expertise, and incentive to get it right.....  Ditto a Stradivarius

In this case, I do not think that same amount of effort is justifiable......

OTOH, I am not the owner nor the craftsman doing the work..

Remember this oft repeated statement... Do Your Best.

Get onto the next job.

Frank Filippone


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