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275603 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2022‑05‑17 Re: Wood ID help needed

Wood identification is both art and science, and generally darned 

FWIW, I wouldn't apply any chemicals at all until I had a chance to see 
the wood BEFORE it gets altered in any way by your process. And because 
sunshine bleaches so much furniture, I would suggest you flip it over, 
clean it and then apply a card scraper to the underside in one or two 
locations to see the variance in the wood there, even if it's been 
finished. That should give you a much better view of what you're working 

In the end, you needn't absolutely repair with the same specie. 
Something close to grain and texture is most important. It's best to 
start with patches a bit lighter than the target. Colour you can always 
adjust with tints and finish. I'm sure Richard Wilson will provide more 

Good luck!


On 2022-05-16 3:11 p.m., Paul Gardner wrote:
> Assembled Galootarati,
> Some help if you please.  I've got a table that needs some repair work done
> that will require some replacement pieces.  I'd like to use the same
> species if possible but if that isn't in the cards I'd like a close match.
> The top obviously has a glaze or stain of some sort which will be reapplied
> when finished to match the rest of the piece.  The only hints I have is
> that the table is probably 80-100 years old and possibly Italian in
> origin.  Here are some pictures I hope will be helpful.  Any advice or
> suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Other-Galoots/Paul-Gardner/i-mMc3Ws3/A
> https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Other-Galoots/Paul-Gardner/i-LN25vGd/A
> Paul, temporarily in LA


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