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274849 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2021‑12‑01 Re: Shop cleanup
This sounds so familiar. A few years ago I decided I wanted more light 
in the cave, and that the thing for me to do was to shift my shop from 
one end of the basement to t'other, where the windows are more numerous. 
In the process, I had to shift all of the stuff we had in storage both 
for ourselves and our daughter. Many, many hours of boxing, shifting, 
dragging and carrying later, I then had to start the process of unboxing 
and organizing. I'm not sure I could bring myself to do it again...


On 2021-12-01 6:45 a.m., Mark van Roojen wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2021 at 08:14 AM,  wrote:
>> Quoting Darrell :
>>> Next week I am having a shop guest. We're going to be making some side
>>> rounds. So now I have to clean the shop. After 2 years of messing about and
>>> piling stuff everywhere. It's a good thing I'm retired now, otherwise it
>>> might not get done in time.
>> As the southern guest in question I have the same problem, a two year
>> cleanup of the car before I cross the border.  Don't want to give the
>> border police any reason to inspect me ;-)
>> Esther
> In my misspent youth a bunch of friends and I were going to take my friend
Chris's car the straight route from Detroit to Boston. Since his car had been
used by his stoner friends to smoke dope we vacuumed and cleaned it all up for
the border crossing. Unfortunately we/I missed a small empty but dusty film
canister that someone had dropped. It made for an interesting afternoon near
Niagra Falls. They did let us proceed eventually but not before disassembling
all of our luggage. There's a longer version of this story that is pretty funny
but off topic.
> As for cleaning the shop, I've rented a couple of storage lockers in
preparation for foundation replacement that will get me more shop space where
there is presently a crawl space.  The metalworking machinery will go into that
new space, leaving a room for Jenny to put more of her stuff and a less crowded
garage shop where the tailed dustmakers live.  But in order to give them room to
work I'm having to sort through a lot of stuff and put it in boxes and tubs to
take to the lockers.  It is amazing the amount of things I have no particular
place for. 3 months til the work starts and we'll be working pretty hard to get
it all moved!
> - Mark

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