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274845 Tony Seo 2021‑11‑30 Re: Shop cleanup
On 11/30/2021 9:14 AM, galoot@l... wrote:
> Quoting Darrell :
>> Galoots
>> My shop is a mess.
>> Snip....
>> Next week I am having a shop guest. We're going to be making some side
>> rounds. So now I have to clean the shop. After 2 years of messing
>> about and
>> piling stuff everywhere. It's a good thing I'm retired now, otherwise it
>> might not get done in time.
> As the southern guest in question I have the same problem, a two year
> cleanup of the car before I cross the border.  Don't want to give the
> border police any reason to inspect me ;-)

Yeah, I cleaned off about 3 ft of the bench prior to heading up to
Madison-Bouchville this past August and it's back to being 3 flats deep
at that end.  And the truck, well that is kind of my secondary storage
for stuff, since I don't have much in the way of uncluttered space in here.

There is a young guy down in Virginia that sells tools (he used to live
up in New York) that has been hauling some of my less desirable
accumulations out of here (to the tune of at least 10 12x12x8 Post
Office boxes full, plus a number of larger sized boxes) and it's barely
made a dent in the piles...

But I keep on keeping on.

Tony (where it's been a right miserable day here weather wise...snow and
rain and just raw)


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