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274839 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2021‑11‑30 Shop cleanup

My shop is a mess.

I usually have my Galoot BBQ events twice a year. That always forces me to
actually clean up the shop. You know, put away tools, shovel up the
shavings, sort offcuts into Burn It or Save It, sweep, vacuum, and all that.

But with covid and all, there hasn't been any reason to clean, because no
guests and, uh, lazy Galoot.

Next week I am having a shop guest. We're going to be making some side
rounds. So now I have to clean the shop. After 2 years of messing about and
piling stuff everywhere. It's a good thing I'm retired now, otherwise it
might not get done in time.

Who packed up a galootaclaus package tonight

-- wood hoarder, blade sharpener, and occasional tool user

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