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Making Soap

On this page I'll provide some information and recipes for making your own soap. I've made three 8 pound batches so far, and all have turned out very well. Homemade soap is inexpensive, and can be made to satisfy whatever requirements you have for a good bar of soap -- scents, additives, harness, lather and many other characteristics can be easily manipulated. Below I'll go through the process. Check out these books on the subject of making your own soap, they are excellent:

Note that making soap involves chemical agents that generate high temperatures and are very caustic -- proceed * at your own risk! *

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Before I begin describing the procedure, I must once again warn you that there are very dangerous chemicals involved in making soap. The lye solution is very caustic, and generates a lot of heat when forming. Be extremely careful of eyes, skin, children, pets, counters and anything else that you don't want to become severely burned. If you are careful, everything will be fine. Proceed at your own risk!