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Complete Bach Edition Progress

In July 2007 I got the Complete Bach Edition, a set of 170 CDs containing all of Bach’s music. I've been going through those CDs and discussing my reactions on my blog. The following list shows all of Bach’s compositions, with links to the posts I’ve made.

The BWV link points to my blog posts, the title links point to Wikipedia articles (if they existed when I made this list).

Works for voice

Cantatas (1–224)

The dates and events in brackets after many of the sacred cantatas are from the lutheran liturgical calendar for December 2007 and 2008.

Motets (225–231)

Liturgical works in Latin (232–243a)

Passions and Oratorios (244–249)

Secular cantatas (249–249)

Chorales (250–438)

Songs and arias (439–518)

Schemellis Gesangbuch
For Anna Magdalena's Notebook

Songs (519–523)

Quodlibet (524)

Works for organ

Trio sonatas for organ (525–530)

Preludes and Fugues, Toccatas and Fugues, and Fantasias for organ (531–581)

Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor (582)

Trios and miscellaneous pieces for organ (583–591)

Concertos for organ (592–598)

Chorale Preludes I: Orgelbüchlein (Little Organ Book) (599–644)

Chorale Preludes II: Schübler Chorales (645–650)

Chorale Preludes III: "Leipzig" Chorale Preludes ("The Great Eighteen" chorales) (651–668)

Chorale Preludes IV: "German Organ Mass", part of Clavier-Übung III (669–689)

Chorale Preludes V: Kirnberger chorale preludes (690–713)

Miscellaneous chorale preludes (714–764)

Partitas and chorale variations (765–771)

Works for harpsichord

Inventions and Sinfonias (772–801)

Four Duets from Clavier-Übung III (802–805)

English Suites (806–811)

French Suites (812–817)

Miscellaneous suites (818–824)

Partitas for keyboard (published as Clavier-Übung I) (825–830)

French Overture, from Clavier-Übung II (831)

Suites and suite movements (832–845)

The Well-Tempered Clavier (846–893)

Preludes and fugues, toccatas and fantasias (894–923)

Little Preludes from Clavier-Büchlein for Wilhelm Friedemann Bach (924–932)

Six Little Preludes (933–938)

Five Preludes from the collection of Johann Peter Kellner (939–943)

Fugues and fughettas (944–962)

Sonatas and sonata movements (963–970)

Italian Concerto, from Clavier-Übung II (971)

Keyboard arrangements of concertos by other composers (972–987)

Variations and miscellaneous pieces for keyboard (988–994)

Works for miscellaneous solo instruments

Works for solo lute (995–1000)

Sonatas and partitas for solo violin (1001–1006)

Suite for solo lute (1006a)

Suites for solo cello (1007–1012)

Partita for solo flute (1013)

Works for duo of keyboard and other instrument

Works for violin and keyboard instrument (1014–1026)

Sonatas for viola da gamba and keyboard instrument (1027–1029)

Sonatas for flute and keyboard instrument (1030–1035)

Trio sonatas (1036–1040)

Concertos and orchestral suites

Violin concertos (1041–1045)

Brandenburg concertos (1046–1051)

Harpsichord concertos (1052–1065)

Orchestral suites (1066–1071)

Canons (1072–1078)

Late Contrapuntal Works (1079–1080)

More recent BWV additions

Miscellaneous (BWV 1081–1089)

Neumeister Chorales (BWV 1090–1120)

Various organ works (BWV 1121–1126)

Strophic aria (BWV 1127)

BWV Anh. 43 to BWV Anh. 189 (appendix)

Various works

Anna Magdalena's Notebooks

More spurious works

Falsely attributed works

Reconstructed concertos

Each reconstructed concerto is created after the harpsichord concerto for the presumed original instrument. Such reconstructions are commonly referred to as, for example, BWV 1052R (where the R stands for 'reconstructed').

This page is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses material from the Wikipedia article List of compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach as well as some of the Wikipedia pages referenced from that page. Information about the relationship between the cantatas and the Lutheran liturgical calendar come from Wikipedia, and the Bach Cantatas website (specifically this page).