Beer Brewing Bibliography

I've acquired a large number of books on beer and brewing over the years, and have become particularly interested in making historical recipes. The following is a brief listing of the books I've got, and what I think of them.

  • The London and Country Brewer. 1736. Anonymous.

    A historical text with lots of excellent information about methods of brewing "malt liquors" in sixteenth century England. There aren't many recipes in here, and those that are there are pretty obtuse ("to Brew five Bushels of Malt, whose Copper holds brim-full thirty six Gallons or a Barrel" -- five bushels of malt for thirty six gallons of beer). Dr. John Harrison has a few recipes extracted from this book in his Old British Beers and How to Brew Them. But it's a good source for how beer was brewed before thermometers and hydrometers were invented, and it's a pretty entertaining read.

    The title is a link to a 240 KB PDF version of this book. It was created from Project Guttenberg text sources, and built using the dayroman TeX fonts.

  • Old British Beers and How to Brew Them. 2003. Dr. John Harrison and the Durden Park Beer Circle.

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