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Lifetime Account Book Project

Christopher Swingley


This isn't a traditional account book, but is a journal book for keeping track of my personal history in a more abbreviated form than a traditional journal. Each page has four months on it, and in 192 pages my account book will take me to age 63. Filling out the earlier pages will be sort of like writing my own biography, but going forward, it should be fairly easy to come up with the six or seven important events in each month. The book will be basically the same as my First Journal book but it'll have months, years, and page numbers already printed.

Generating the signatures

I typeset the account book using pdfTeX on full size paper. The font is Adobe Jenson, 1.3 times larger than the default 11 point size. Since the writing is just the months and years, it doesn't need to be as large as it would be if I was printing text for reading. The book contains the month and year, four months to a page, from my birth month to when I'll be 63. Based on the size of my writing, I'll get six lines per month of my life, and that seems like plenty. Even adding details like what books I was reading, music I was listening to, and the details of the other people in my life, I should still have enough room.

Once I was happy with the formatting and layout, I used the following commands to produce the PDF I had printed:

The end result is a 192 page book, printed on 48 sheets of short-grain Mohawk Superfine 28/70# paper.

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