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Our New House -- December 1999

The following pictures were taken in August and December 1999 (guess which are which!). If you'd like to see some more photos, this page has the most recent photos from May 2000, this page from January 2000, and this page has some older shots from May 1999. All photographs on this page (and all other pages at this site except where indicated) are Copyright © 1999, Christopher Swingley.

Each of the twenty photographs are between 15 - 35 K, so the page will load very slowly over a modem link.

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Ivan Moose 2002

House from the driveway
This picture shows the house and yard taken from the end of the driveway. This side of the house faces west, and has windows into the downstairs office and living room on the first floor, and a window into the master bedroom on the second floor. The deck is also visible extending around this side of the house. The doorway next to the garage door is the main door to the house. It leads into the garage, where a second door leads into the house.

East from the porch

Shows the view east from the porch, including many of our 12 (!) bird feeders.

South from the porch

A view south off the porch. The propery goes beyond the trees in the background to a powerline right-of-way.

Nika in the dog yard

A shot of Nika's new dog yard and her house.

Dog yard, fuel tank

Another view of the dog yard, as well as the 300 gallon fuel tank I installed to heat the garage.

Living room from the stairs

Here's a picture of our living room taken from the stairs. The door on the left leads out onto the deck, and the doorway on the right goes to the library.


This is the library. The door in the foreground leads into the utility closet where the furnace, water pump and water heater are located.

Living room, toward dining room

Here's a picture of the living room taken from the corner of the previous photograph -- toward the dining room. The door to the library is on the left.

Kitchen and dining room

Here's a shot of the kitchen and the dining room taken from in front of the stove. Off to the right of the dining room is the living room shown above. Behind me and to the right is the first floor bathroom, the laundry room and the door to the garage.

Master bedroom

Here's the master bedroom, and our beautiful wedding quilt (made by my Mom) on the bed. There's a walk-in closet to the left of this image.


Here's the office. The carpet isn't really this color -- the flash distorted the nice light green color to a dull grey.

Nika on the porch

A shot of Nika on the porch.

Nika's face

Here's a great shot of her face, with a little snow on it!


Darwin looking a bit surprised by the flash.


Here's Ivan, paws none!

Moose, Denali

This is a picture I took of a moose in Wonder Lake (Denali National Park) with the Alaska Range in the background.

Moose, Denali

Here's a wider shot of the moose in Wonder Lake.

Living room

Here's what the living room looked like in August.

Driveway from the porch

This picture shows the view up the driveway from the porch.

East from the porch

Here's a photograph taken in the same direction as the second shot.