Recent Observations

species location description date comments
Downy Woodpecker Home Deck feeders 2021‑09‑12 Male
Least Weasel Home Running across Miller hill 2021‑09‑11
Black-billed Magpie Goldstream Valley
(64.886, -147.881)
Miller Hill between Fox Hollow and Shayle’s 2021‑09‑11
Downy Woodpecker Home Deck feeder tree 2021‑09‑04 Male
Belted Kingfisher Home Creek near the house 2021‑08‑23
Lincoln’s Sparrow Home On the deck 2021‑08‑19
Great Horned Owl Home Across the creek 2021‑08‑12 Pair calling
Spruce Grouse Home Driveway in front of shed 2021‑08‑06 Nine!
Snowshoe Hare Home Near Dakota 2021‑08‑02
American Three-toed Woodpecker Home Excavating hole near water tank 2021‑07‑31
Sandhill Crane Home Over dog island 2021‑07‑22
American Kestrel Home By power pole 2021‑07‑22
Spruce Grouse Home By power pole 2021‑07‑22
Spruce Grouse Home Driveway near bus 2021‑07‑16
Red-tailed Hawk UAF
(64.867, -147.838)
Near N 2021‑07‑11
Solitary Sandpiper Home Spruce tree near old fence 2021‑07‑08
Snowshoe Hare Home Near the bus along the driveway 2021‑07‑08
Spruce Grouse Home Green bus 2021‑07‑07 Bunch of chicks
American Three-toed Woodpecker Home On water tank 2021‑07‑06 Pair
Swainson’s Thrush Home In birch tree next to driveway 2021‑06‑28
Snowshoe Hare Home In front of red cabin 2021‑06‑18

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